Edmund Burke said that “there is a liberty connected with order” that cannot exist without it; but without a staff or the ability to clone oneself, true freedom may seem just out of reach. If you’re a client member of Sophie, however, you can find the exact help you need whenever you need it. Sophie can provide assistance whether you’re an individual, a corporation, a visitor or new to an area.

Imagine arriving home from work to a clean house filled with flowers, your refrigerator stocked, your clothes dry-cleaned and tickets to the latest play waiting next to the chilled champagne.

…or having Sophie make all the arrangements for your business visitors and chauffeuring them to your office along with a secretary and a translator.

Or attending your next party as if you were simply a guest … or having your own personal shopper … or leaving on your next vacation knowing that your home, plants and pets were being taken care of by a professional.

Or visiting and having your vacation planned by Sophie … or having Sophie help you relocate… or even planning your wedding.

And once you become a client member, you will be privy to the kind of information that Sophie has: specials on airfares, holidays, vacation ideas, hard-to-find tickets as well as reports on her latest services.

The possibilities are endless; and the freedom that this kind of personalized service brings will astonish you.