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Welcome to the Client Members Area!

We are happy to have you as a client member. If you’re new to this area, look around. You will find a lot of “inside” information and lots of suggestions about where to go and what to do. You might want to bookmark this page and come back often to see what’s new. If you want special notification of changes here; please let us know below, and we’ll email you.

Firehouse Cultural Center
Sophie has all the inside info. Send us your questions.

Night Visions
Transitional Art at its best. Send us your questions.

Special Brunch
We can make reservations for you.

Neighborhood Foraging
for Fruits and Nuts. Acorn Meal, Cattail Flour and Oils?
What is it all about?
Ask Sophie.

inside info
For Your Parties
Be sure to call us – or email us for more information.

Are you into Fitness?
Get your one year membership for $99. Sophie can arrange it for you.

Night Hike
Experience the rare opportunity to discover the night life of owls, raccoons and deer, to name a few. We can arrange for you.

special deals/events
For Memorable Events
INTERESTED? We will be happy to make all arrangements for you.

Seeking Adventure?
We have just the perfect activity for you and your family; A Family Canoe Tour or Family Backpacking Trip. Let us know and we’ll set it all up.

Looking for that Unique Place to eat? We have the place for you!. Ask Sophie. Something for just the two of you!

Wine Makers Dinner Cruise
All arrangements made by Sophie to your satisfaction.

new services
Looking for the best in All States? Sophie will arrange contact for you.