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I’ll never forget the time when Sophie picked up my clients, visiting from Tokyo and brought them to our offices along with a translator. Later she had planned their stay down to the smallest detail. Our company looked very professional because of our association with Sophie.

Richard Anderson, Consultant

Sophie | Concierge Services provides a much needed service to our community. It is often impossible to find responsible people to help with many activities that are simply difficult for working people to find time for. Sophie is a very high energy person and very responsible businesswoman. She has a big heart and likes helping people. She researches the best solutions for her clients, and she is very responsible and caring. I am happy to recommend her and give her high marks of excellence.

Carol Schlinkmeier-Apple

It is such a relief to know there is someone trustworthy and reliable available to help out in a pinch. Whether it’s to pick up the kids when I’m in a meeting or to feed the dog over the weekend, I know I can call Sophie. What could be better than having a personal assistant when you need one!

A. Clark

Sophie | Concierge Services
Phone 503.282.9874
Fax 828.684.2721

When my calendar is overloaded and I need ten of me, I know I can always count on Sophie – Concierge Services. She’s reliable, conscientious and ready to serve. My to-do list can now read: laundry, clean house – me; errands – Sophie.
Thanks, Sophie!

Ingrid Malone

I would like to recommend the services of Sophie, as I felt very comfortable hiring her during my hospitalization. The service provided me with the security of knowing my home and animals would be secure, and my daily mail and newspaper would be picked up. She was very professional in her details and duties.
Dorthy Winterfield