Corporate Service Plans

Plans for Corporate Services

Cost per Hour: $45

Plan 1: 40 hours = $1760 (a $40 savings)

Plan 2: 50 hours = $2150 (a $100 savings)

Plan 3: 60 hours = $2520 (a $180 savings)

Plan 4: 70 hours = $2870 (a $280 savings)

Plan 5: 80 hours = $3200 (a $400 savings)

Sophie | Concierge Service Agreement

This Agreement is made and entered into between Sophie | Concierge Services, "Sophie", and "Member/Client." Terms and Conditions Contract Agreements are for the stated amount of time (hours); length (month/s or year/s) and type of services agreed upon between the Member/Client and Sophie.

A non-refundable deposit of 25% is due to enact the contract and will be subtracted from the final invoice. Time used will be invoiced monthly, net ten (10) days. Agreements may be cancelled within 30 days, with a refund for pro-rated services rendered during the 30 day period (excluding the non-refundable deposit). No refunds will be issued after 30 days.

Contracts will be considered fulfilled or serviced in full once either the allotted time or length of service has been exhausted whichever comes first, as stated in the Contract Agreement.

Once accepted, this agreement will serve as a binding contract between Sophie and the Member/Client. Additional services beyond this Contract Agreement will require a new contract.

1. All hourly rates are and will be measured in increments of one hour.
2. Members/Clients will receive timely reports of time used.

Sophie endeavors to provide services of the highest quality for all Members/Clients. Businesses are referred by Sophie, based on the professional reputation of each company, agency, business, service or individual and are expected to provide quality service; however, Sophie is not liable for any unsatisfactory services provided by any other businesses.

Sophie retains the right to cancel any Contract Agreement at any time when abuse of any kind occurs (to Sophie staff members and/or referred businesses and/or other actions deemed by us as a violation of this contract). A refund of the pro-rated portion of the remaining fee of this agreement will be at the discretion of Sophie. All signed contracts between Sophie and Member/Client will serve as a binding agreement. In the event that a disagreement occurs, which cannot be resolved by the parties involved, mediation will be the first avenue for settlement.

Sophie | Concierge Services